Insulation Removal

We are very excited and grateful to share with you the very best way to remove existing insulation!

With so many different options vying for attention on the lengthy “to-do” list of any homeowner, it might be difficult to hone in on what should win its way to the top of the list. You may have heard reasons here and there on why insulation removal is important, but property owners often wonder:

  • Should I do this right away?
  • What are the benefits of hiring professionals as opposed to rolling up my sleeves and getting this done on my own?
  • Is it worth investing in a removal service?

Below are five reasons to consider choosing insulation removal by Spray Foam Professionals.

1. Water Damage

Water damage is a huge issue which should stand out as a red flag and major reason to go the route of immediate removal.

Water damage, when magnified with other factors like the hot, Louisiana climate and humidity can be the root cause of additional issues such as mildew and mold. This can intensify medical issues such as asthma and other breathing problems over time.

2. Safety

EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- Base housing officials are growing increasingly concerned with vandalism in demolition areas of base housing. The vacant houses pose a health hazard due to electrical, gas and asbestos exposure dangers. (U.S. Air Force photo/ Airman Anthony Jennings

Regulations and requirements have changed over the years, making newer, more modern insulation not consistently in line with materials used in the past. If your insulation either hasn’t been removed in a long time or since your home was built, you’ll have different options to consider which may not have existed the last time this project was completed.

Older insulation may also contain harmful chemicals such as asbestos which you’ll want a professional to remove safely and effectively. Needless to say, spaces which haven’t been fully cleaned out will also have collected decades worth of dust and allergens which warrant proper care and attention to dispose of safely.

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3. Professional Work

If you aren't certain about the history of your home prior to your purchase of it than fire damage is something which may exist and can be exposed through insulation removal. It can be tricky to know what exists in the difficult to navigate, tight spaces of your home such as attics or crawl spaces which increases the importance of having a service provider handle the removal as it can be eye-opening.

Professional insulation removal can expose any ash covered, smogladen past insulation, creating space for clean untarnished materials. Proper removal is key in all of the above instances as you’ll want to avoid dragging ash, mold or chemicals through your home but rather ensure exposure remains as limited as possible.

4. Peace of Mind


Wear, tear and damage caused by rodents and pests can render older insulation both ineffective and unsafe dependent on the severity of the damage. A professional service provider can clear out the unsalvageable past insulation in order to best remove the bacteria and germs that come along with it.

In this instance, as well as with the above scenarios, the last thing you’ll want to do is have these unsanitary germs traipsing through your home. Investing in insulation removal provides the added peace of mind that your home is not contaminated with any of these harmful materials, keeping you and your family safe and healthy.

5. No Stones Unturned

The fifth reason professional insulation removal is beneficial is the after effect.

Aside from the benefits of knowing the space is clean and free from allergens, dust, and mold, there is an added benefit of having a fresh slate to work off of which can provide you confidence in knowing that all future projects can be done to your standards. At this final stage, access to wiring and open exposures can be addressed, and air sealing has taken care of. This will create the foundation for updated insulation to be installed without drafts, rendering it initially less effective.

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