Basement Insulation

We are very excited and grateful to share with you the very best way to insulate your basement!

Buildings need their basements insulated. This may come as a surprise to you, but a well-insulated basement provides many benefits.

These benefits can include:

1. Minimize Heat Loss


All materials can transfer heat. Concrete masonry has an R-Value 0.80 if it is at least four inches thickness. It has the same R-Value of a ¾” thick particle board. Estimates are that an uninsulated 20-foot x 30-foot basement of concrete block loses over 1 Million BTUs per day.

R-Value is a material’s ability to resist the transfer of heat from one side of it to the other. The higher the R-Value then the greater a material can resist the transfer of heat. Compare concrete’s R-Value of 0.80 to that of closed-cell spray foam at four inches. Closed-cell spray foam has an R-Value of 26. That is 325% higher than concrete masonry.

There are many insulation material choices. We can help you pick the one that best fits your project.

2. Reduce basement dampness

Basements are damp because of major temperature differences between the basement and the outside or earth that is banked against its walls. The temperature difference creates humidity. It can form on a building’s structure where there is a difference between the outside and inside.

Moisture can gather because the basement can be warmer than the outside or the earth. Basements that have some air conditioning or are close to a cooled space can accumulate moisture because the outside is much warmer than the basement’s interior.

Something to think about:  If you can see moisture gather on the inside of the basement what do you think is gathering on the outside of your foundation walls?

3. Prevent Condensation


A damp basement is unpleasant to be in. It can stink.  The smell from a damp basement may indicate it has mold and bacteria. These are harmful to a building’s occupants. Significant health problems have been created by damp basements.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that the first thing you do to eliminate mold growth is to control humidity levels. They even do not recommend that you even try to determine what mold is present but get to work eliminating it and the moisture that feeds it.

Mold causes a wide variety of health issues. You may think mold is limited to your basement, but that is wrong. Mold can be transferred to the rest of the building through ducting running through the basement.  It can also travel through openings between the basement and upper floors or on your clothes or other items that come from the basement.

A basement that is not damp is not swapping temperature swings with the outside. It does not have moisture build-up or other problems associated with dampness.

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4. Reducing Energy Swings

Even a 600 square foot basement with 8-inch-thick concrete walls that are exposed two feet above the earth can lose 370,000 BTUs per day. That location is the top part of the basement where ducts run and the bottom of the floors that you are walking on.

The heat loss from just the uninsulated portion of the top of basement walls can suck 45% efficiency from your HVAC system. The ducts working to warm or cool your building travel through the uninsulated space cannot be efficient if they are faced with these temperature differences.


5. Sound Insulation

Basements aren’t pleasant when a herd of elephants move into the house. They may only be small children, but an uninsulated basement may make it sound like elephants.

Insulation of basements also reduces potential noises coming from the outside. These include road noise or your neighbor’s lawnmower. About a neighbor’s rock and roll band practice? Insulation can help you with this intrusion, too.

Sound insulation also helps your basement refuge stay your refuge. You can practice your hobby without bothering the folks above you.

6. Additional Living Space

Basements have always been a way to expand your structure’s living space. A basement that is comfortable makes a great living space.

You can add drywall, lights, and carpets to a well-insulated basement. It will give you all sorts of living opportunities while adding value of your home.

Why Use Spray Foam to Insulate Your Basement?

We use safe and healthy materials to insulate your basement. Spray foam offers multiple benefits when insulating a basement.

R-Value and Your Bottom Line

Spray foam has superior R-Values. Closed-cell foam has the highest R-Value of all insulation materials available. It has an R-Value of 6 for every inch that is applied. This means that potential energy savings can average around 50%.

Leaks and Cracks Sealing

Cracks and gaps in foundation can also contribute to the introduction of moisture to a basement. Spray foam provides an air-tight seal. It is capable of sealing cracks and holes. In fact, studies show that spray foam is 24 times less permeable to air infiltration when compared to other types of insulation.

Water Impermeable

Spray foam is made of material like a Styrofoam cooler. It is impermeable to water.  In fact, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) states that closed-cell foam is the correct choice for flood-resistance.

Spray foam can be cleaned after getting wet. This further makes it a great choice to prevent mold and bacteria growth.

Long Lifespan

Spray foam will not sag over time. In fact, it has a projected lifespan of over 80 years. Fiberglass batt insulation does sag. It has a projected lifespan of 10 to 25 years. That means that spray-foam insulation is over 87% efficient when fiberglass insulation is half its expected lifespan.

Sound Off

Spray Foam Professionals has various alternatives to help quiet your living space. It can be applied quickly while thoroughly covering components needing insulation. Other forms of insulation require support or bracing to stay in place.

Foam applied to basement ceilings provide the added advantage of separating basement activities from th

Speeding Up the Process

Properly installed spray foam is a great start to your remodel or construction efforts. It can create just the right base for your masterpiece.

Spray foam insulation allows you to build your new space with confidence. The speed of its insulation will not delay any of your design issues. Special designs or unique construction p

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